Jamie Foxx Saves The Day By Returning A Lady’s Lost Purse

A video showing the comedian looking strong also brightens a woman’s day.

Jamie Foxx is not only in better health but also actively engaging in acts of heroism in real life. While he may not (at least not yet) possess the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, he recently displayed his chivalry by recovering a woman’s lost purse while she and her friends were traveling on a pedicab in Chicago.

True to his Southern gentleman nature, Foxx retrieved the bag and returned it to them, according to a clip obtained by TMZ. Although the son of the woman who lost the purse only captured the end of the interaction on tape, his mom and the others thanked the Academy Award winner as he graciously returned to his chauffeur-driven SUV.

People are starting to see more of the multi-hyphenate over the last week than they have seen him in months. Foxx was taken to a hospital after suffering an undisclosed medical emergency in April. The specific nature of the mysterious condition remains undisclosed, loved ones, friends and fans have been offering their prayers for his speedy recuperation.

Foxx was recently observed enjoying a game at a Top Golf driving range during the weekend and leisurely sailing on a yacht along the Chicago River with some of his people. As his supporters from all corners of the world send their heartfelt prayers, they eagerly await his complete recovery and return to full strength.