Jason Derulo Accused Of Dropping Singer From Label After She Refused His Sexual Advances

Jason Derulo

A singer named Emaza Gibson sued Jason Derulo for sexual harassment, retaliation, breach of contract and more.

A 25-year-old singer filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Jason Derulo on Thursday (October 5). Emaza Gibson claimed Jason Derulo expected her to have sex with him after she signed a joint deal with his Future History imprint and Atlantic Records in 2021.

Gibson said she repeatedly rejected Derulo’s sexual advances while signed to him, per NBC News. She believed her refusal to have sex with him resulted in her getting dropped from his label in 2022.

According to the lawsuit, Derulo often tried to get Gibson to go out for drinks despite her making it clear she wanted to keep things professional. Derulo allegedly started bringing alcohol and drugs to studio sessions, which left Gibson feeling pressured to drink.

Gibson accused Derulo of asking her to participate in a sex ritual, which her lawsuit deemed an “explicit demand for sex-in-exchange-for-success.” Gibson said she feared for her safety due to Derulo’s aggressive behavior.

“His threats of physical harm and unconscionable sexual advances toward this young woman who is just trying to break into the industry were outrageous and illegal,” Gibson’s lawyer Ron Zambrano told NBC News.

Gibson sued Derulo for sexual harassment, retaliation and breach of contract, among other complaints. Derulo’s then-manager Frank Harris was also named a defendant in the lawsuit.

“I’m at this point in my life right now, it’s very heartbreaking,” Gibson told NBC News. “I have anxiety; I’m traumatized. I’ve dealt with inhumane work situations … I’m at this point where I’m back to zero and I have nothing.”

She added, “I’m just trying to fight for what’s right because what was done to me was not OK. And I wouldn’t want anybody else to go through what I went through. They wasted my time. They promised me things.”

Gibson sought damages for emotional distress, unpaid wages and more. Derulo has not publicly commented on Gibson’s allegations.

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