Jay Electronica Proclaims Drake As His “Spirit Animal”

A back and forth with rapper-turned journalist Joe Budden revealed how the “A Written Testimony” rapper and the “God’s Plan” chart topper are connected.

(AllHipHop News) Arguably, the star power of Drake, is something to be feared.

While one might not be able to say that Chris Brown, Common, Tyga, Meek Mill, Pusha T, Diddy, Kid Cudi, damn… just so many…. are afraid of his wrath, but let’s just say none of them, save Diddy and Push, have ever fully recovered from Aubrey Anger.

And it is that Aubrey Anger intensity that must have fueled Jay Electronica during his recent digital spat with Joe Budden on social media.

A back and forth, that is beneath both of these veteran emcees.

On the Joe Budden Podcast, the retired rapper shared with his co-hosts that he was underwhelmed by this long-anticipated effort from Jay Electronica.

Jay Electronica took offense and let it be known on Twitter.

First, he retweeted @4EverShook who said that Joe Budden has never had a “classic in his life.”


This unleashed a series of back and forths that got pretty intense.

“I never got absolutely mopped around on my own project either,” wrote Budden in a response to Electronica’s meme toward one of the podcaster’s co-hosts.

“I never heard your albums bro. may Allah bless your career as a journalist,” replied Electronica with some subtle shade.

“I took you off yours & it’s a Hov mixtape now… Peace be unto you as well King,” said Budden with some major shade.

And Electronica, with all the quick wit that was saucy enough to get Erykah Badu to give him a child, he clapped back: “make sure yall give me my credit for lighting up that next podcast episode too. #DrakeIsMySpiritAnimal