Jay Electronica Thanks Kanye West For His “Beautiful Moves And Offerings”

Is a Yeezy/Jay Elec collab on the way?

Jay Electronica is not the most active person on social media. However, the elusive emcee did hop on Twitter this week to shout out fellow Hip Hop artist Kanye West.

“@kanyewest from afar, seems like Almighty God is putting His final touches on His Mighty Sword (you). I would imagine the pain is intense. After this though, you unstoppable. Flame on King! And as for the rest of em, my mom would just say ‘well Son, fuckem,'” tweeted Electronica.

The A Written Testimony album creator also added, “@kanyewest I literally CAN’T WAIT so see your next Beautiful moves and offerings. Thank you for all of the Beautiful ones you’ve given us thus far.”

It is not clear exactly what inspired Jay Elect to post so positively about Ye. Both rappers are protégés of Jay-Z. Electronica is signed to Jay’s Roc Nation record label. West used to be managed by Roc Nation.