Jay Z Backed JetSmarter Expands To Offer Members Epic VIP Packages


(AllHipHop News) A private jet company backed by hip-hop mogul Jay-Z has stated plans to expand the business over the next 24 months.

In December, it was announced that Jay was among the investors of JetSmarter’s $105 million funding round, putting the value of the company at over $1 billion.

JetSmarter is aimed at providing affordable, private, shared flights on jets, to customers around the world.

After their latest injection of funding, JetSmarter has grown from 50 employees to over 200.

The company has also grown beyond its Fort Lauderdale home base, to include five offices in metropolitan cities around the world.

During an interview with the Miami Herald, JetSmarter’s CEO Sergey Petrossov revealed some interesting details about the future of the new company.

JetSmarter, which already flies to around the United States, The Middle East and Europe, is planning to roll out more routes to cities in China, India and South America.

The company is also rolling out a package that will allow VIP customers to take curated, tailored tours to VIP destinations around the world.

“That end-to-end experience of how you get there, who you meet and where you go is the JetSmarter experience,” Petrossov told The Miami Herald. “You can go to your same favorite locations and you might have a unique JetSmarter experience there and you will use us to transact there. You’ll go to your favorite restaurant and say put it on my JetSmarter account and you won’t even have to ask for the bill, and it’s all based on GPS technology.”

JetSmarter, which says it has over 8000 members, is also planning to allowed access to luxury residences around the world for their VIP package members.

“These residences you can’t just request, you have to be part of a club. Our members will have access to it,” Petrossov said.