Jay-Z Sits Down With Gayle King For “Brooklyn’s Own” TV Special


“He’s more than a musician, he’s a mogul.”

Jay-Z could be considered the most successful person to ever emerge from Hip-Hop culture. The rapper-turned-businessman built a financial empire reportedly worth $2.5 billion.

Veteran broadcast journalist Gayle King conducted a special interview with the Roc Nation founder. The Jay-Z And Gayle King: Brooklyn’s Own television special will premiere Tuesday (November 14) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

“He’s more than a musician, he’s a mogul,” Gayle King says about Jay-Z. “He’s more than a rapper, he’s a visionary.” Brooklyn’s Own features never-before-seen footage from King’s three-hour interview with the Hip-Hop icon at the Brooklyn Public Library.

The rare interview with Jay-Z includes the 4:44 album creator discussing his business ventures, his music career, and the stories behind some of his famous lyrics. He also chats about growing up in Brooklyn’s Marcy Houses.

“The fact that people go there and take pictures in front of this is just amazing to me ‘cause this, you know, the Marcy Houses that I grew up, it was not a tourist attraction,” Jay-Z tells Gayle King on the CBS Mornings-produced show.

Throughout his run as a recording artist, Jay-Z has won 24 Grammy Awards. That total ties the all-time record for Hip-Hop acts. His The Throne groupmate, Kanye West, also has 24 Grammy victories. Additionally, Jay holds the record for most No. 1 albums by a solo act with 14 chart-toppers.

“I think what matters most is, today, is, being a beacon and helping out… my culture. People of color. I think I pull the most satisfaction from that. Like making music earlier was my first love,” the 53-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer stated.

Jay-Z also added, “That consumed me. That’s why my pace was so fast. I had so much material… And I think now the idea of taking that platform and, reproducing it for others or doing something like [Reform Alliance]… I think I derive the most joy from that.”