Jay-Z’s Roc Nation To Produce Docuseries About Parchman Prison


Roc Nation is producing a documentary series about the infamous Parchman prison, which was sued by Jay-Z and others over inhumane conditions.

A&E greenlighted a Roc Nation-produced documentary series about the Parchman prison in Mississippi.

Roc Nation’s new docuseries will explore the efforts to reform the Mississippi correctional system. Jay-Z and Yo Gotti previously helped file a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of inmates facing inhumane conditions at Parchman.

“A&E has the privilege to partner with Roc Nation to tell the truly urgent story of Parchman Prison as we continue our commitment to impactful programming,” A&E’s Executive Vice President and Head of Programming Elaine Frontain Bryant said in a press release. “The series is emblematic of larger issues within the U.S. criminal justice system, and we hope it spurs desperately needed awareness both at Parchman Prison and nationwide.”

The four-part documentary will examine the civil rights case and give viewers a look inside the prison. It will also detail the origins of Parchman, exposing its shocking history.

“In 2020, Roc Nation and Team Roc launched a fight to put a stop to the literal death sentences imposed on inmates through the inhumane, violent, and torturous conditions created by Parchman prison officials,” Roc Nation’s CEO Desiree Perez said. “We are honored to develop this series with A&E, Good Caper and ITV to continue to make sure the atrocities and history of Parchman are top of mind on a national stage.”

The upcoming documentary is tentatively titled Exposing Parchman. No release date has been announced for the series.