“Jayonce Leg Rub” Explained By Beyonce’s Mom

beyonce and jay-z

Beyonce’s mom Tina Lawson is denying her superstar daughter has social anxiety!

Beyonce’s mother has silenced speculation suggesting her superstar daughter suffers from social anxiety.

Tina Knowles-Lawson took to Instagram to silence the rumors, after a fan put together a collage of pictures of Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z at public events, where the rap mogul has frequently been caught on camera rubbing his wife’s leg, a move which has since been coined the “Jayonce leg rub.”

He was spotted doing the same on Saturday night as the hip-hop supercouple enjoyed a date courtside at the NBA playoff game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Brooklyn Nets in New York City, prompting gossip-mongers to claim it was Jay-Z’s way of easing the singer’s anxiety.

However, Tina insists it’s just their way of showing affection, as it’s something she and her husband, actor Richard Lawson, also do whenever they are together.

Reposting the collage on her Instagram page, Tina wrote, “When you love someone and like them you just want to touch them ! Me and Richard are always touching even if it’s just our feet ! Yeah!! That’s what you do!”

“For those of you who don’t understand , Try it sometimes it works !!” she shared. “Human Touch is how you stay connected!!”

She then addressed the anxiety rumors directly, continuing, “So comical people saying she has anxiety in public and that’s why he touches her ! Lord people !!!! Yal can turn something good and healthy into something That it’s not !!! Stop that!!!!!”

“BTW (by the way) if someone has anxiety then it is great for their partner to touch them to calm and reassure them. That’s a beautiful thing . It just happens to be not the case here (sic),” she added.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been married since 2008 and share three children together – nine-year-old daughter Blue, and twins Sir and Rumi, who turn four on Sunday.