Jaz The Rapper Wins 2022 Woman of the Year, Sweeps Awards Categories

Jaz The Rapper

Let’s hear it for the girls!

​​Congratulations are in order for Jaz the Rapper after she was crowned the best female battle rapper of the year at Champion’s “Woman of the Year” awards. 

The Brooklyn native won the coveted title after a year where she battled more than any other time in her career. Jaz proved she’s an elite competitor in five clashes this year, including a debatable battle with 3 x “Champion of the Year” Geechi Gotti

In light of Champion releasing their “Woman of the Year” list for 2022, we wanted to compare it to ours, like with their Champion of the Year

AllHipHop.com also releases a list each year, determining the ranks of the most exceptional emcees in battle rap culture. Our list is fan generated. Let’s see how our list measures up to the WOTY.


In their Top 5, the AllHipHop.com list has the same emcees Top 3 ladies. Seems like the AHH fans might know a little something. While Champion and the WOTY judges included Casey Jay and 40 B.A.R.R.S., we included Shooney Da Rapper and Viixen the Assassin. The Face of Female battle rap and the Boston emcee did make a lower ranking in the Top 20 on our superlatives. 

1. Jaz the Rapper 

2. Ms. Hustle 

3. C3 

4. Shooney Da Rapper 

5. Viixen the Assassin 

In their Top 6 to 10, they had Viixen the Assassin, Kausion, Yoshi G, Pristavia, and Shooney Da Rapper. When looking at our Top 10, AllHipHop.com, we only have two from 6 to 10.  

We had Kausion and Yoshi G in the same 7th and 8th spots, respectively. But our fans had Pristavia at the 10th spot. Casey Jay was in their Top 5. Additional to our list in this section is Bonnie Godiva, who comes in above Pristavia in the 9th spot.  

Fans voted to have Shooney far higher than the WOTY panel in our poll. She secured 4th place on the AllHipHop.com list, whereas she finished in 10th place on the Champion list following a heated debate.  

6. Casey Jay 

7. Kausion 

8. Yoshi G 

9. Bonnie Godiva 

10. Pristavia  

In their Top 11 to 15, they have Bonnie Godiva, O’fficial, Chetta, First Lady Flamez, and Cheyraq. 

Like the WOTY panel, both Chetta and O’fficial made the fan list. So did Phara Funeral and E Hart. At the end of the list, fans finally included 40 B.A.R.R.S. at 15.  

11. Phara Funeral 

12. Chetta 

13. O’fficial 

14. E Hart 

15. 40 B.A.R.R.S. 

The WOTY list did not go up to 20, but here are our girls that made the list. 

16. Lady Caution 

17. C-Bri the Lyricist 

18. First Lady Flamez 

19. Aeon 

20. Fendi 

*AllHipHop.com made the editorial decision to recognize Cee the Boss, Don Ladyii, RX, and MyVerse, all emcees who deserve to be honorably mentioned on this list. While the fans did not vote them in the Top 20, their skillset, drive, and performance ability simply could not be overlooked by our team. 

Jaz The Rapper’s WOTY Haul

The WOTY panel also gave out acknowledgments for Round of the Year, Battle of the Year, and Body of the Year. Jaz the Rapper swept everything. The Battle of the Year is the Bardashians vs. Shooneral, a battle we considered one of the biggest moments of the year. 


The Women of the Year also made an impact in several other categories on AllHipHop.com’s 2022 Battle Rap Superlatives.

Kausion finished 5th in Best Breakout Rappers of the Year, the highest-ranked female artist on the list.  

Five of these exceptional talents proved they are also firm fan favorites, making our Top 20 Favorite/ Preference Battle Rappers of the Year. Jaz the Rapper (3), Shooney Da Rapper (10), C3 (12), Viixen Da Assassin (14), and Ms. Hustle (16). 

Casey Jay was also recognized in the 10 Most Impactful Moments or Movements of the Year for her impressive upset over Mr. Disrespect, Arsonal.  

Check out all the rankings for AllHipHop.com’s 2022 Battle Rap Superlatives here. In addition, read Beauties With Bars: AllHipHop Presents The Women of Battle Rap where we give 50 of the best female artists their flowers.