Jeezy Addresses The Backlash Over His Donald Trump/2Pac Comparison (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Jeezy caught some heat from the public after the Atlanta rap veteran made comments about Donald Trump and Tupac Shakur.

During an interview with the Tax Season podcast, Jeezy stated, “You got Donald Trump. I tell n-ggas, that n-gga’s cold. If he was a rapper right now, he’d be 2Pac.”

The conversation also included Jeezy declaring Trump was not presidential material in his view, but many social media users only took issue with the Trump/2Pac comparison.

The CTE World boss returned to The Breakfast Club this week, and he was asked about his comments on Taxstone’s show.

“I had a n-gga call me. I said, ‘Did your ignorant ass listen to the whole interview?'” Jeezy stated. “That’s what I hate about my people, black people. We just take whatever and run with it.”

The Trap or Die 3 album creator continued, “To clarify what I was saying, I was saying he’s the hottest person in politics. And if he had dropped an album right now, he’d go Diamond like 2Pac did, because he’s the hottest person at what he’s doing. He’s everywhere. And he really don’t give a f-ck.”

In addition, Jeezy made it clear he will not be voting for the billionaire businessman.

“I don’t want to go to war because of your ego,” added Jeezy. “I don’t want to be in a country where the racism goes up because that’s what it’s really going to be about.”