Jeezy Cleared On Gun Charges

Jeezy Beats Gun Charges, Claims Bias

Jeezy is in the clear on gun charges that could have derailed his career.

The trap star was arrested in Mountain View, CA over the summer for a rifle that he claimed wasn’t his.

The police have dismissed the charges from the August 24 incident, but Jeezy had some comments that suggest bias.

“I pray this had nothing to do with race but it definitely had nothing to do with evidence. Words cannot express how vindicated I feel with these charges being dismissed today,” stated Jeezy in a statement. “While my team and I always knew that the allegations and charges were based on zero facts, the rush to judgment by both the media and the police has been extremely disappointing. I’m relieved that the truth has ultimately prevailed and I would like to thank those who have always stood by me including my family and fans.”

Jeezy’s counsel Blair Berk echoed his sentiment.

“Mr. Jenkins should not have been arrested and this case should not have been prosecuted. We are pleased it has been dismissed, although frustrated that it took the police and prosecutors months to do the right thing,” he stated.

Congrats to Jeezy!