Jeezy Envisions His Book As Movie; Pictures Film Akin To ‘Paid In Full’


Jeezy explained his idea for a movie adaptation while promoting his new book ‘Adversity For Sale’ on the AllHipHop podcast.

Jeezy expressed interest in turning his new book Adversity for Sale: Ya Gotta Believe into a movie. The multi-platinum-selling artist discussed the possibility of creating a film based on the book in an interview with AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur and DJ Thoro.

“I would love that,” Jeezy said. “But in the way I would do it, it wouldn’t just be about me. It’d be about everything that was going on. Because music at that time, it was golden. The city was golden, the clubs was golden, the nightlife was golden. Atlanta was just—it just was a different city, like the vibe. So, it would just be about all that. It would be like a Paid in Full. When you watch Paid in Full, you just got to think about that city was lit back then.”

Jeezy’s book featured a whole cast of real-life characters who seemed ready-made for a potential movie. The rapper-turned-author said it was important for him to not make anyone look bad while telling his story.

“I want to be respectful,” he explained. “This is not me trying to throw nobody under the bus, get one up. It’s just a story, It was very therapeutic for me. Because it’s like Hip-Hop culture, we go through so much, man. We like Marines that came back from a war. We all got PTSD, we all paranoid, we all got our thing.”

He added, “For me, I was just unpacking that writing a book. And it was just like, ‘Damn, that did happen. Wow.’ And it’s just sometimes when you sit back, you’ve got to really just give God the glory because you’ve been through so much. And for a day like today, for me to officially be an author, who knew I had to go through all that s### to officially be an author.”

Check out Jeezy’s appearance on the AllHipHop podcast below.