Jeezy Links with Joe Biden to Inspire Trappers to Get Out To Vote on Nov. 3


Jeezy is repping for the Biden/Harris campaign!

The Hip-Hop community continues to lead the musical charge to get Black and Brown people to the polls on November 3.

Recently, the Atlanta rapper Jeezy partnered with the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign.

The “Hard” emcee is featured on a radio and digital ad in an effort to inspire people of color to come out to the election in the effort to get the current administration out of power.

The 60-second PSA dropped on Thursday, October 1 in Michigan.

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“I’m here to tell you that your vote matters,” Jeezy said. “It’s time to get involved and make our voices be heard. There’s nothing more important now in this world than our voices being heard.”

Smartly, the Biden-Harris campaign has tapped other influencers in the Hip-Hop space.

As a part of their “Shop Talk” series, the ad is clever and poignant.

What is the “Shop Talk” series?

It is a virtual roundtable that has several Black men talking about the challenges that have plagued African people in America and launched on September 24.

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Jeezy continues in the public service announcement: “If you are out there marching in these streets, exercising your rights, you need to exercise your right to vote, too.”

The new FOX Soul talk show host put it straight to potential voters, “It’s the only way to make sure we get the change we’re looking for. And I do mean we. Us. Better jobs, education, health care, and criminal justice reform.”

He also directed viewers to visit pushing that they register to vote. “Our vote is all we got. It’s time to use it,” Jeezy says.