Jeezy Planning To Marry Jeannie Mai…Twice!

Jeezy and Jeannie

The Atlanta rap star and his soon-to-be wife are planning not one, but two weddings. 

Rap star Jeezy will marry his fiance Jeannie Mai twice!

Jeezy became engaged to Jeannie Mai in in April of 2020, after dating for a little more than two years.  The Atlanta trap star decided to pop the question in 2019 during a house party in Los Angeles. 

Accoedong to Jeannie, the “Snowman” is planning to melt her heart with two different weddings. 

“My mom being vietnamese wants a very vietnamese traditional wedding she wants Jay [Jeezy] my fiance to wear the vietnamese garb do some of the vietnamese practices like the tea ceremony,” Jeannie Mai explained. “So we’ve decided that we’re gonna have two weddings. We’re gonna have one the way me and jay want and then we’ll have one for mama my just cause if we don’t we’re gonna hear it for the rest of our life.” 

This will be the second marriage for Jeannie, who divorced from her ex-husband Freddy Harteis before she met Jeezy on the set of “The Real,” where she served as a co-host. 

The pair have not announced a date for the wedding, since they have both been pretty busy. Jeannie Mai is a contestant on Season 29 of “Dancing With the Stars” and hosting her series “Hello Hunnay. 

Jeezy has been out stumping for Joe Biden as he attempts to snatch the White House from current President, Donald Trump in addition to dropping a dope new track with Yo Gotti called “Back.”