Jeezy Trashes Cops Who Pulled Over Army Lieutenant At Gunpoint And Demands Justice

Jeezy was ticked off over a video showing an Army veteran being accosted and arrested by two cops in Virginia.

Atlanta rapper Jeezy is using his social media account to highlight another shocking instance of police misconduct.

Last December, police in Windsor, Virginia, drew their weapons on and pepper-sprayed a second lieutenant in the U.S. army at a gas station during a traffic stop.

The officers approached Lieutenant Caron Nazario’s Chevy Tahoe like rabid dogs, even though he was in full uniform. When the Black and Latino man asked what he was being arrested for, one of the cops replied:

“What’s going on is you’re fixin’ to ride the lightning, son,” which is slang for the electric chair, and execution. A video of the harrowing encounter was obtained by the Washington Post, and it was enough to upset Jeezy.

“What part of this is protecting and serving! After you went and fought for the country. It’s like they wanted to take his masculinity to feed egos!!” Jeezy fumed.

“Let’s see what the government do about this. See no threat, only a man that was confused and understood protocol. He asked the right questions. They didn’t have any answers. S#### break my heart to see a grown manhandled like [an] animal. Only in America,” Jeezy added.

Lieutenant Caron Nazario has lawyered up over the confrontation, which could have easily turned deadly thanks to the officers misrepresenting the stop.

According to his lawsuit, the two officers involved called in to state that they were stopping a suspicious vehicle with tinted windows, and no tags, that was trying to “elude police.”

Nazario’s lawyers opposed the officers’ characterization of the traffic stop. Nazario says he was not dodging police, he slowed down and pulled into the gas station to get to an illuminated area.

And, he said his new Chevy Tahoe had valid temporary tags displayed in the rear and passenger side windows.