Jeremih Not Ready To Let Go Of Battle With COVID-19 Just Yet


Jeremih revealed he is still holding on to a memory so he never forgets his battle with the coronavirus.

Jeremih still wears his hospital bracelet as a “reminder” of his battle with Covid-19.

The R&B star spent weeks in ICU in hospital fighting after contracting the coronavirus, but was sent home earlier this month. Speaking to radio presenter Kendra G about his ongoing recovery, Jeremih explained that his hospital ID band is a symbol of his near-death experience.

“(It’s) just a reminder of what I’ve been through,” the rapper, real name Jeremy Phillip Felton, said, before jokingly adding, “At the same time, these types of bands (are) hard to take off too.”

“After a couple of days, I just be looking at it … I just want to remind myself what I’ve been through,” he explained. “Sometimes, (I look at it) to remind myself (of) my purpose here on this earth. While (hospitalized) in there, I was unsure whether I was still going to be able to walk on this earth.”

Jeremih also said he’s unsure at this stage whether or not he will get the Covid-19 vaccine, which is in the early stages of being rolled out around the world.

“I’m not sure yet,” he mused. “Right now, I’m good. I’m still taking shots from the hospital. So, I’m good for my shots right now.”