Jermaine Dupri Reacts To Claims He’s Mad About Hip-Hop 50 Events In NYC

Did corporate brands do enough to help commemorate #HipHop50?

Jermaine Dupri returned to Twitter (X) to clarify some recent comments he made about celebrations for Hip-Hop culture’s 50th anniversary.

On August 18, JD tweeted, “Just for the record! No brands have done any dinners or get-togethers in Atlanta celebrating the 50 anniversary of Hip-Hop. That’s Crazy!!!” 

That post ignited conversation on social media. One Twitter (X) user pointed out Dupri didn’t participate in the star-studded, day-long “Hip Hop 50 Live” show at New York’s Yankee Stadium on August 11.

Dupri responded, “And your point is?” The So So Def label founder also got into a back-and-forth with someone online over the fact that he did attend the Sprite sponsored the “ATL 50 Hip-Hop” concert.

“I’m glad you went back to what I said in my tweet because I would not use the word dinners if I meant a concert,” JD stated. He also asked, “But my point behind the tweet, do you feel like that concert was a representation of something that’s never happened?”

In the wee hours of Monday morning (August 21), Jermaine Dupri had more to say about his complaints and the reactions he received to his comments. Apparently, the Atlanta-raised artist/executive wanted to make it clear he didn’t have issues with the way Hip-Hop’s 50th birthday was honored in New York City.

“[It’s] crazy! I see someone is trying to take my tweet and create the narrative that [I’m] mad about what’s been happening in NY for #HipHop50 compared to what’s been happening in Atlanta, lol that’s completely false,” Dupri posted. “My statement was all [business] related.”