Jerrod Carmichael Criticizes Dave Chappelle For Transgender Jokes

Jerrod Carmichael

The openly gay entertainer questions what Chappelle’s legacy will be.

Legendary comedian Dave Chappelle found himself at the center of a “cancel culture” scandal when his comedic takes about the trans community led to backlash. Fellow comedian Jerrod Carmichael also had some words to say about Chappelle’s jokes as well.

Jerrod Carmichael recently came out as gay during his Rothaniel comedy special on HBO. GQ magazine spoke to the 35-year-old North Carolina native. He addressed Dave Chappelle.

“Who’s getting canceled for what they’ve said? What does that mean, that people are mad on Twitter? Everybody’s fine. These grown men are fine,” stated Jerrod Carmichael.

The Carmichael Show actor added, “Chappelle, do you know what comes up when you Google your name, bro? That’s the legacy? Your legacy is a bunch of opinions on trans s###? It’s an odd hill to die on.”

Jerrod Carmichael continued, “And it’s like, hey, bro. Who the f### are you? Who do you f###? What do you like to do? Childish jokes aside, who the f### are you? It’s just kind of played. But he’s choosing to die on the hill. So, alright, let him.”

Dave Chappelle has downplayed the idea of “cancel culture” damaging his career. After some LGBTQ organizations slammed him for promoting TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) ideology on his The Closer special, Chappelle told a Los Angeles crowd, “If this is what being canceled is about, I love it.”