Jhené Aiko Reportedly Files For Restraining Order Against Stan

Big Sean

The creepy fan has been trying to get too close for comfort to her and the family.

Big Sean and his partner, Jhené Aiko, are reportedly asking a judge to give them a court order of protection to keep a crazed stalker away from their family. According to TMZ, the couple has been nervous about a fan named Ian Craig Lees, 29, who allegedly snuck into their Pacific Palisades property.

Aiko said this person has a thing specifically for her. On Monday (August 21), Aiko filed a temporary restraining order, claiming he’d been trying to get to her. Lees has been attending her shows and special events where she’s appearing. The singer claims everything escalated when he got into a fight with the residential security earlier this month.

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Aiko sought a court order to prevent the man from coming within 100 yards of her, Big Sean or their children, but her request was turned down. Instead, a court hearing has been scheduled for September 14 to address Lees’ behavior and determine the subsequent actions.

As previously reported, Aiko has been having a tough year and has not been feeling super safe. Earlier this year, her luxury 2020 Range Rover SUV was stolen from in front of her while she was at Tasty Noodle House, a popular restaurant in Los Angeles.