Jhené Aiko Talks Songwriting, Family & Love On VICE’s “Autobiographies”


(AllHipHop News) Jhené Aiko is allowing her followers into her creative process and more as part of a video autobiography.

Vice documented the R&B singer as she discussed her family, being a mother, signing her first record deal, and songwriting.

“I want to create an experience. I want to create something bigger than just an album or music video,” said Aiko.

“The Worst” vocalist also talked about losing her brother.

“My brother was my closest male relationship. He loved music, and he put me on to my favorite artists,” Aiko expressed. “That shaped and molded my style.”

She added about the death of Miyagi, “I wrote and recorded this song on Garage Band, just to express how I was feeling. In my mind, it plays like a movie that day he passed away.”

Aiko also explained how Miyagi’s passing impacted her romantic relationships.

“I was lost in every sense of the word, just letting my mind wander to these different places that were really, really dark and trying to find him in a lover,” said Jhené. “I equated every guy to him… I was disappointed with the guy that I was with, because it’s like, ‘You’re not my brother.'”

Watch Jhené Aiko’s episode of Autobiographies here.