Jim Jones Hails Drake As The Greatest Rapper Of All Time 

Jim Jones said that while Jay-Z has made “astronomical” achievements in Hip-Hop, Drake is the greatest rapper of all time.

Jim Jones said Drake’s unparalleled hit-making record makes him the greatest rapper of all time. 

The Harlem native is the latest artist to weigh in on the debate following Billboard/Vibe‘s recent G.O.A.T. rapper list.  

“I would say he’s the greatest of all time,” Jim Jones declared of Drake during an interview with Complex. “There’s a lot of people from the beginning and people that invented hip hop, I know… the relevancy that he keeps showing year after year, hit after hit, record after record. Any song that he has put out has seemed to go multiple platinum. That’s never happened before in history.”  

 He added, “I just got to give credit where credit is due, and [I’m] not taking away from nobody else.” 

Jim Jones also recognized Hov’s “astronomical,” achievements in music. However, according to the Dipset member, Jay-Z has moved on from music, whereas Drake is thriving. 

“What [JAY-Z] has done to this game is astronomical. He’s like Michael Jordan for what he has put on and what he has done since he came in the game and where he’s at right now,” he explained. “But JAY exited music a long time ago. And that space, that void, I don’t know if it’s a void, but Drake has not exited, and he’s still going strong to this day, and it doesn’t seem like he’s stopping no time soon.” 

Check out the clip below.

Jim Jones Names Drake The G.O.A.T. Rapper

Elsewhere in the interview, Jim Jones reflected on the love Drake showed The Diplomats when he brought them on stage while performing at the iconic Apollo Theater earlier this year.  

“Drake has a lot of respect for [us] coming up listening to Dipset music,” he explained. “So, it just was a full circle [moment], you know what I mean? It was dope. He gave us our flowers that a lot of people don’t give us — that we deserve.” 

Meanwhile, Jim Jones dropped his fourth album in little over a year last week. He joined Hitmaka on Back in My Prime, which includes features from Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremiah, Stefflon Don, and more.