Jim Jones Talks Getting In Trouble With Minister Farrakhan, Crazy Fights And More (VIDEO)


Jim Jones sat down for a chat on ESPN’s Highly Questionable to talk about his craziest fights and growing up in Harlem.

The Dipset rep reminisced about the many brawls he has encountered throughout the years, including a fight in Harlem’s Rucker Park after a heated basketball game and a 30-minute fight in a Washington, D.C club. The one that he admits made him “a little bit nervous” was when he fought with about 40 members of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Fruit of Islam following after one of the members said something he didn’t like to him in passing.

“When I heard the remark I automatically lost my cool and went absolutely bonkers on every FOI that was out there,” he said. “Then I see uconn vans coming around with F.O.I’s holding onto the outside of the van, like the old-school mobster flicks. At that point I was a little nervous, not scared,” he laughed. He then made a call that led to the Minister’s so, Mustapha, coming down and putting an end to what Jim called a “hairy situation.”

Watch the full conversation below.