Jim Jones’ Mom Explains Tongue Kissing With Her Son

Jim Jones

Jim Jones’ mother has come forward to address a scandal after he revealed his mom taught him to tongue kiss!

Jim Jones’ mother has addressed the backlash around her baby boy saying that she tongue kissed her son when he was a boy.

She says it’s not what you think.

Everything seems to have went left, after El Capo shared on a recent interview with Angela Yee on her Lip Service podcast that his mother taught him how to tongue kiss.

During a discussion about what his mother taught him about sex, the Harlem native said “My mom … taught me how to tongue kiss when I was younger.”

When asked, what were the instructions that she gave him, Jim Jones replied, “There wasn’t no instructions, she showed me with her mouth.”

Yee responded in disgust, “she kissed you?” And the “We Fly High” rapper quipped, “That’s my mother, what do you mean?”

Nancy Jones, aka Mama Jones, responded to the revelation on DJ Dior Cartel’s Instagram Live.

“Everybody needs to understand, you’re taking it wrong. I am not a nasty mother,” she said.

“All I am is a mother that was teaching my son exactly how to survive and how to actually be able to deal with a woman,” she continued. “And, for their information, it wasn’t no tonguing down. It was a way of showing you how to tongue. He licked out his tongue, I licked out my tongue, that was that. Wasn’t no mouth-to-mouth resuscitation…It wasn’t like that.”

Sharing why she did it, Mama Jones said, “It’s all about my son growing up and me as a young mother showing her son how to do, and deal with life with the young girls ’cause he’s a nice, handsome-looking guy.”

“I taught him all about sex,” she added. “And trust me, everybody, it wasn’t about no sex. Just show him how what he gotta do.”