Jim Jones Taunts Pusha T After Hearing Diss: “That Was Not A Top 50 Verse”

Jim Jones Pusha T

Jim Jones previously claimed Pusha T wasn’t a Top 50 rapper, which led to an apparent diss on a new Clipse song.

Jim Jones has taken a dig at Pusha T, who appeared to diss the Dipset rapper on a new Clipse song that debuted during Pharrell’s first Louis Vuitton show.

Fans assumed Pusha T subliminally dissed Jim Jones for suggesting the Clipse member wasn’t a Top 50 rapper. Jim Jones referenced his past comments in response to the diss on Thursday (June 22).

“That was not a Top 50 verse,” he said in an Instagram video. “Not at all. Still not in my Top 50.”

He added in the caption, “Lol [that] verse did not make [the] list champ it was cute.”

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Earlier this year, Jim Jones scoffed at Billboard putting Pusha T on its list of the 50 greatest rappers of all time. The New York-bred artist downplayed Pusha T’s impact in a debate on Spotify’s RapCaviar podcast.

“What has [Pusha T] done that puts him in the greatest rappers of all time besides talk about coke that he probably didn’t get himself?” he said. “He’s nice! He’s nice as s###. He could rap his ass off, but what has he done?”

Pusha T warned unidentified “veterans” about mentioning his name on the new Clipse track. But Jim Jones remained unimpressed with King Push.

Listen to the Clipse song below.