Jimmy Henchman Talks Second Murder Trial & The Possibility 50 Cent May Testify


(AllHipHop News) This week James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond returned to court to be retried for the murder of Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher. The first Rosemond trial ended in a hung jury in March, and the government decided to take the case up again.

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Rosemond is accused of orchestrating a murder-for-hire plot. According to the prosecution, Rosemond wanted Fletcher killed because of his association with 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew. G-Unit and the “Rosemond Organization” had been involved in an ongoing feud that allegedly included shoot outs, razor attacks, and Rosemond’s teenage son at the time being assaulted by the Unit’s Tony Yayo.

Rosemond maintains he is innocent of the charges, and at least one jury member in the first trial sided with him. That case ended in mistrial when a juror refused to deliberate, because he or she viewed all of the government’s witnesses as untrustworthy. The prosecution presented witnesses that had all cooperated with the government to testify against Rosemond.

According to Don Diva, the prosecution has again centered their case around those same witnesses. One being former Rosemond associate Khalil Abdullah. Abdullah testified that he was involved in numerous criminal acts against G-Unit on behalf of Rosemond.

Defense attorney Bruce Maffeo was able to get Abdullah to admit his cooperation with the prosecution helped reduce his own incarceration time. The mandatory life sentence Abdullah was facing for his own charges was reduced to 8 years for his testimony against Rosemond in two previous trials. For his cooperation in the new Rosemond murder case, Abdullah could be released from prison in the next few weeks.

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Don Diva spoke with Rosemond after court testimony on Tuesday. The one time drug dealer addressed his chances of winning the current case.

“It will again come down to whether or not the jury believes the government’s witnesses,” said Rosemond.

The former manager of rap star/ex-G-unit member The Game was also asked if his longtime rival 50 Cent would be testifying at the trial. He replied, “I guess we will see.”

Previously, Rosemond stated that 50 was scheduled to testify at the first murder trial, but 50 apparently chose not to participate with the government’s case before taking the stand.

“One thing for sure is that Curtis [50 Cent] was scheduled to testify at my murder trial, but reneged on the prosecutors at the last minute,” said Rosemond earlier this month.

Rosemond is still serving a life sentence for unrelated drug trafficking and weapons possession convictions from 2013.

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