JoJo’s Performance Leaves Jodeci Fans Concerned About His Health


90s R&B Lovers still had a ball listening to their favorite songs at recent concert.

JoJo Hailey, co-founder of Jodeci, has been open up his health struggles, but a recent appearance sparked concern. Jodeci performed at the Theater at MGM National Harbor over the weekend. During the performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Lately,” Hailey made a rare appearance with K-Ci.

Clips of the video have been circulating on social media, with the two singing their hit single and K-Ci saying to K-Ci, “You got this,” after telling fans to give some love to the ’90s R&B staple. One outlet, however, suggested he had a stroke.

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Dressed in all black, JoJo Hailey stood before the crowd with his handlers. One stood over him fanning him, as another helped support him standing. Fans quickly noticed something was wrong.

“Was on my Jodeci,” one tweeted. “S### last night Jojo was clearly not ready to perform. I won’t speculate. Prayers up to him.”

“Pray for Jojo from Jodeci he’s going through it! Was clearly in a bad state last night,” another posted.

It didn’t take away greatly from the experience. Nostalgia still reigned for many of the fans.

“Literally waited 27 years to see Jodeci in concert,” The Great Ghan D wrote. “When i tell y’all I’m the 5th member of Jodeci I’m not lying.. me & my pops was in the crowd like we were k-ci & jojo going word for word.”

One fan left a review on Bands in Town, writing, “Now anyone who truly knows me, knows I’ve been a Jodeci fan, since their first album…specifically “Gotta Love” the single; and they know that K-Ci was/is my fave because of his voice. Soooo, I went to the Jodeci Concert last night and had such an amazing time! K-Ci still got it, and didn’t miss a beat or a note (I wouldn’t have expected anything less).”

“Mr. Dalvin had soooo much energy and it was truly awesome; he had enough hype in him for the entire audience. I really enjoyed K-Ci and Dalvin’s energy they had for the audience; they truly gave an awesome show,” the person continued.

In Estrelita’s review, she shared, “Jo-Jo wasn’t feeling well, but he was there and did attempt to give the fans what they came for…but health before wealth…we all need to take care of self, before worrying about minute things in life. Nevertheless, I had a ball.”