Joe Biden Discusses Donald Trump, COVID-19, Young Voters & More On ‘Desus & Mero’

“We have to realize this generation has taken a real kick in the teeth.”

(AllHipHop News) A few years ago, Daniel “Desus Nice” Baker and Joel “The Kid Mero” Martinez were just two guys on Twitter sharing funny takes. Now Desus and Mero are interviewing presidential candidates on their own Showtime series.

Former Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance on the Desus & Mero late-night talk show. The presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee spoke with the Bronx representatives about Donald Trump’s presidency. 

“I think that this president has turned out to be one of the least attentive and most divisive presidents in American history,” said Biden. “We’re not a divided country. When I announced, I said I was running because I wanted to restore the soul of America. I really meant that.”

The most important issue in the United States right now is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has caused more than 34,000 deaths in the country. In addition, 22 million people filed for unemployment in the last month. Desus asked Biden about Trump’s handling of the coronavirus situation.

“He really is in a position where he has reacted very, very slowly. He doesn’t seem to focus on the things that really matter a great deal. For example, he should have moved much, much more quickly, fully implement that Defense Production Act,” responded Biden.

The Scranton, Pennsylvania native continued, “It means [the president] has the power in the time of a crisis to go to an industry and say, ‘We need more ventilators so stop making cars and start making ventilators. We need more masks. We need more gowns. We need more protections for people.'”

Biden also responded to Trump’s recent claim that the president has “total” authority over coronavirus restrictions by suggesting someone should read the Constitution of the United States to him. Plus, the former VP talked about getting an expected endorsement from the 44th POTUS Barack Obama.

After Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders decided to suspend his own presidential campaign, he also endorsed Joe Biden for president. However, many young Sanders supporters vowed they would not follow the lead of their preferred candidate. The Biden campaign recognizes it needs to figure out how to turn out Sanders voters for the Democratic nominee in November.

“What this virus has laid bare is the fact that your generation, and those younger than you, have taken a gigantic hit over the last 15 years. Going all the way back to 9/11 when that occurred, the Great Recession that occurred, you got put beyond the eightball right from the beginning,” Biden told Desus and Mero.

He added, “We have to realize this generation has taken a real kick in the teeth and being put behind the eightball economically. And it’s even going to be made worse by this coronavirus crisis.”

Earlier this week, another popular social media personality that was able to break into the mainstream spoke with a different contemporary political figure. Hip Hop recording artist Cardi B interviewed Bernie Sanders during an Instagram Live session which included a discussion about Sanders advocating for Joe Biden in order to defeat Donald Trump.