Joe Biden Makes Wise Crack Regard Donald Trump’s Historic Mugshot

Donald Trump

Biden joked Trump looks “handsome” in his mugshot.

President Joe Biden recently made a slick remark about his predecessor’s criminal mugshot. As previously reported by, former president Donald Trump was officially arrested, fingerprinted and booked earlier this week—complete with a defiant and grimacing mugshot.

Biden, along with most of the world, saw the mugshot and was asked to comment when stopped by reporters. While coming out of a pilates class in Lake Tahoe, he was asked about the mugshot and replied, “Handsome guy, wonderful guy.”

Trump’s mugshot was snapped at the Fulton County Jail in Georgia on Thursday (August 24), becoming the only U.S. president to undergo the booking process.

Trump has been hit with three indictments, including one in Fulton County for his alleged interference in the 2020 election. He and 18 others have been hit with multiple RICO charges by Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis.

Trump and his crony Rudy Giuliani have undergone the same embarrassment they once mocked and persecuted thousands of Black people in New York for having to have.

Joy Reid broke it down on MSNBC, saying, “I still remember that he made five teenagers my age take a mugshot. He wanted them not just take a mugshot, he wanted them dead.

“This was the Central Park 5 case, the Exonerated 5. And they were my age. So as a teenager living in New York, I despised Donald Trump because he to me signified the rich white guy in Manhattan that absolutely hated and despised me. They hated and despised my cousins, my friends, and everyone we knew.”

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Reid also talked about how Trump and Giuliani said Black kids hanging out were “wilding, just because we were in the park,” and said she felt as though they couldn’t be “free to walk around in the street.”

“Giuliani and people like Trump persecuted black and brown people in New York,” she added. “It’s what they did for fun. It’s what they did for pleasure. They enjoyed it. They enjoyed lording over people who had nothing … who had no $1,000,000 lawyers. And so to me, this is justice.”

She was surprised and offended no other prosecutor made him take a mugshot. She then called Willis a “national hero” because she did something no one else did that aligned with the concept that all people are created equal under the constitution.

“She’s the only one who said these wealthy powerful privileged men and women are just American citizens,” she said, “and when they break the law, they will take that picture.”