Joe Budden Addresses NYC Strip Club Fight Rumors: “They Should Have Jumped Me” 

Joe Budden

Joe Budden admits an unnamed assailant “socked me one good time” but dismissed rumors he was jumped in New York over the weekend. 

Joe Budden is speaking out after the internet was ablaze with rumors he got jumped over the weekend. 

The rapper-turned-podcaster was trending after whispers of an alleged altercation surfaced online. Rumors spread that he was jumped at a NYC strip club, but Joe Budden denied the gossip.  

However, he did admit that he took a blow to the face. He set the record straight during an Instagram Live chat with his The Joe Budden Podcast co-host Queenzflip.   

“Never believe the internet rumors,” Budden said, rejecting claims he got “stomped out” during the incident. “N#### cocked back and socked me one good time—Bow!” 

He continued, “But that’s all he’s going to get. I keep telling y’all I eat a punch well. Now we got to get it on. Now we got to go.” 

According to Joe Budden, his assailant was saved by a slippery floor. Both men lost their footing during the struggle, but Budden said he got to his feet first.  

“Wet floor saved that boy life,” he added. “He wasn’t big enough or strong enough. Can’t send no n#### like that at me. It’s gonna end bad. When the floor is wet, it’s about who gets up first.” 

Ultimately, Budden brushed off the incident but said he came out on top. “They should have jumped me,” he said.  Check out the clip below.