Joe Budden Makes Fun Of Ending His Deal With Spotify With A Commercial For His New Network

It looks like The JBP Boys will be back in business soon.

Many investors and creators connected to digital media are paying close attention to Joe Budden’s next moves. The rapper-turned-broadcaster recently revealed he was not renewing a contract with Spotify for the streamer to have exclusivity rights to his popular podcast.

Some critics suggested Budden could be harming his potential earnings capability because of the way he handled the departure from Spotify.  Over more than one episode of his show, Budden laid out his contractual issues with the giant streaming corporation and even suggested Spotify was pillaging his audience. His loyal viewership pushed the New Jersy native’s pod to the top of Spotify’s global list of Most-Streamed Podcasts for 2019.

Within weeks of announcing his departure from Spotify, Budden began promoting his own network. The first major announcement for the JBN was a new female-led podcast. He wrote on Instagram, And NOW we get to have some fun… I always say on the pod there are too many topics that we can’t and shouldn’t touch… and that women get to have all the fun… So I’m extremely proud/eager to introduce our new podcast See, The Thing Is featuring Bridget Kelly, Mandi B, and Olivia Dope.”

The Joe Budden Podcast is currently on hiatus after finalizing its episode requirement in the Spotify deal. However, Budden is still preparing fans of the show for its return by uploading a comedic “commerical.” The 40-year-old media personality and his three co-hosts appear in the 3-minute video which makes fun of how their separation from Spotify played out in the public which included rumors that Budden asked for a $250 million deal from the company.

In the commercial, Joe Budden is heard trying to upgrade to a new home, Rory Farrell is seen after going on a shopping spree in SoHo, Jamil “Mal” Clay takes part in a dice game, and Parks Vallely is masked-up as he shops for groceries. Phone calls and text messages from Budden’s manager, Ian Schwartzman, about the negotiations with Spotify, instantly change the four men’s behavior and decisions.