Joe Budden Named Head Of Creator Equity At Patreon

The company’s CEO, Jack Conte, shares his thoughts on the new partnership.

Joe Budden is taking his talents to Patreon. The emcee-turned-media mogul has moved exclusive content of The Joe Budden Network to the membership platform. Budden is also taking on the role of Patreon’s Head Of Creator Equity.

“I’ve seen firsthand that exploitation is everywhere in this industry – it’s become the status quo, and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of constantly fighting for independence and I’m tired of proving my value over and over again,” states Budden.

He continues, “This partnership with Patreon marks a new era for the creative economy: one where independence comes first and creators get paid – something that shouldn’t be revolutionary. Creators should get the biggest stake in their art and the system isn’t ready to do that, so we’re going to change the system. This is the new blueprint and we are the first.”

Budden is providing his supporters access to three Patreon membership tiers: Homies ($5.00/month), Family ($10.00/month), and Friend of the Show ($25.00/month). Bonus content includes exclusive episodes of The Joe Budden Podcast, behind-the-scenes footage, a members-only Discord, and priority notice on live events.

“Joe understands the discrepancy between what creators are worth and what they are paid. From music to podcasts, Joe has found himself reaching millions of people and getting a tiny fraction of the value he has created,” says Jack Conte, Patreon CEO/co-founder.

Conte adds, “That’s exactly the problem that Patreon set out to solve — and Joe wants to help. We’re excited to start working with him and figuring out even more ways to close the gap between the value that creators bring into the world and what they’re actually paid.”