Joe Budden Provides Update On His COVID-19 Diagnosis

Will ‘The JBP’ boys be back in business this week?

On October 29, Joe Budden revealed that he tested positive for coronavirus. The rapper-turned-podcaster tweeted, “So I have [COVID-19]. I’m pretty sure this [affects] our pod schedule.”

As a result of contracting COVID-19, the Saturday episode of The Joe Budden Podcast was canceled. It appears Budden and his crew are ready to return to the microphones this week.

“I’ve tested negative, streets we back,” tweeted Budden on Monday morning. The most recent episode of The JBP, which arrived on November 5, featured the New Jersey representative and his co-hosts discussing Budden’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

In related coronavirus news, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson tested positive for the disease this week. More than 9 million Americans have contracted COVID-19 with over 230,000 deaths connected to the pandemic.