Joe Budden Weighs In On Meek Mill Versus Beanie Sigel Feud


(AllHipHop News) Joe Budden was not directly involved in the Meek Mill/The Game/Beanie Sigel saga.

But as an active podcaster, Budden typically uses his show to share his thoughts on topics happening in Hip Hop.

Over the last several weeks, the Meek versus Game feud has been one of the most talked about news items in the culture, and when Beanie was brought into the conflict the story escalated even more.

The former Roc-A-Fella Records artist was even physically attacked at the Bad Boy Reunion Tour by someone connected to Meek.

Budden just wants the Philadelphian intra-strife to end without more violence.

“All that Philly sh-t between Beans, Meek, Omelly, and just that whole camp, I would hope that it’s resolved peacefully,” stated Joe. “Rap beef all you want. I don’t want to see anybody get shot. I don’t want to see anybody get stabbed. I don’t want to see anybody get hit.”

Budden then spoke about how Meek and other rappers have been dealing with legal issues, and he believes the Dreamchasers leader should try to avoid getting into more trouble with the law.

“I urge everyone to use prime judgment,” said Budden. “Prime judgment is when you’re aware and you are well thought out, when you are clear on your objective.”

He later added, “If you’re a rapper, you should be aware of what’s happening in your surroundings…  Just be aware that you’re a target [of law enforcement].”

The Slaughterhouse member has had his own respective verbal back-and-forth moments with Game and Meek in the past.