Joey Bada$$ Continues Blasting The Media, Suggests Bill Cosby Is Being Crucified By The Powers That Be (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Bill Cosby has very few defenders left. While Joey Bada$$ says he does not defend a rapist, the Brooklyn emcee did offer more thoughts on why Cosby has been in the headlines over allegations he raped numerous women throughout his career.

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Joey first commented on the comedy legend on Twitter. Those tweets led to negative reactions from many users, so the “Big Dusty” rhymer extended his commentary to Snapchat.

In a series of over 20 posts, Joey not only continued assailing the media, he also offered his own explanation on why the press has made Cosby a public enemy.

“Bill Cosby’s one of the oldest Black, honorable men right now,” says Joey. “I say that just to let y’all know that makes him a f###### threat. That makes him a target.”

The Pro Era frontman goes on to add, “If Bill Cosby decides to say anything that goes against what the people that’s higher don’t want him to say, then they ridicule him. He gets crucified.”

Bada$$ also suggests the attention on Cosby could be a distraction from some other important news item, a reason for White Americans to hate Black people, to discredit his legacy for future generations, or he could simply just be a rapist. But he still believes race place a part.

“I tell you this. They’re going extra hard because he’s a f*cking Black man,” Joey states. “I didn’t see [George] Zimmerman get slandered. I didn’t see Darren Wilson get slandered… We’re talking real murders and not alleged rapists.”

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Watch a video of Joey Bada$$’ Snapchats below.