Joey Badass Tells Tristan Thompson To Man Up: “You Need More Than One Woman”

Joey Badass told Thompson to “stop being a sorry ass n####,” after he apologized to Khloe Kardashian for humiliating her.

Joey Badass has some words of advice for Tristan Thompson after he was determined to have fathered a child outside of his on-again, off-again relationship with Khloé Kardashian. 

According to Badass, Tristan needs to be more honest with himself and the women in his life. He says the Sacramento Kings player should just admit that he needs to be with more than one woman. 

 “Tristian Thompson gotta stop being a sorry ass n####,” Joey Badass tweeted. “Tell Khloe you’re a f###### gyalist and you need more than one woman. Straight up. Whats so hard about being honest with our women fellas? F### this western b#######. Relationships should be expansive and beneficial for all.” 

Furthermore, Joey Badass claims most people are in non-monogamous relationships, they’re unaware of it however because everybody is lying to each other! “Most of us have been in polyamorous relationships our whole lives,” he wrote. “The only difference is we weren’t honest about it. But if you’ve ever been sexually involved with someone non-exclusively, guess what, you’re polyamorous.” 

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Joey Badass then questioned what it means to love somebody without constraints. “Unconditional love means you love with no CONDITIONS. Most of our minds are way too conditioned to even love freely.” 

Elsewhere, footage has emerged of Tristan Thompson shortly before he confessed to lying to Khloe and accepted the paternity test results. TMZ reported Tristan was spotted picking up daughter True from gymnastics class Monday (Jan. 3) just an hour before his Instagram Story confession. Sources tell TMZ Tristan also dropped off 100 roses for 3-year-old True.