John John Da Don & DNA Team Up For NOME IMPACT

Fans believe the rappers were brought in to stop the energy of the “Top 6” of the recent class.

The Ultimate Rap League is rolling out its NOME IMPACT card and it’s creating a lot of buzz.

NOME IMPACT is a blended franchise that combines the excitement of its Double Impact card with the heavyweight card, NOME (Night of Main Events). Instead of singular opponents taking on other emcees, this card is stacked with two-on-twos.

Usually when promoting a card, the league might release matchups.

This time they are doing something different. The platform is releasing the teams, shocking people with unusual matchups.

Tay Roc and Geechi Gotti … Fonz and Ave … Calicoe and Hollow Da Don … and now John John Da Don and DNA.

What makes the last announcement crazy is that John John Da Don and DNA share the nickname, The PG Killers.

The two New York rappers received the PG Killer title after knocking down the up-and-coming battle rap emcees that are said to be the next ones up.

Fans believe they were brought in to shut down 2 of the new Crucible class’ Top 6: Awthentic, Eaze, Footz, Hansel, Klutz and Saflare Sole.

DNA posted about it!

John John Da Don tweeted, “Every 2v2 me & dna been involved was a movie so imagine what we gonna do on teams with each other #NomeImpact.”

Fans love the match-up with one tweeting, “That better be the team name too!!”

One fan said on Instagram agreed, “The pg killers…dope team concept.”

Another shared what many have thought since the team was announced, “They bought in to f##k up some crucible n#####.”