John John Da Don Launches Talent Tour #NextTopBull

Are you trying to be a “BULL?”

Rapper and battle rap league owner John John Da Don has announced that he is about to embark on a talent search tour called the Next Top Bull.

While roaming talent searches are not new—The Ultimate Rap League’s “Crucible” travels from state to state looking for new talent and his best friend Hitman Holla just launched his “Bags and Bodies” talent search reality show— there is always something special when JJDD puts his stamp on a product. spoke directly to the Yonkers emcee and he told us exclusively to share why he decided to do a talent search.

“One thing I always get asked besides ‘when is your next battle?’ is ‘how can I get on Bullpen?'” he said. “So now we are doing a tour to go find new talent from all four corners of the country to push through our platform.”

Adding this was why he actually created the platform. He said, “Bullpen Battle League was created for the up & coming battle rappers that feel/felt counted out. We wanted to give them a platform that allows them room to grow, find themselves, and potentially be the next battle rap star.”

“Being that I started from the entry point in battle rap and was able to excel to become one of the top names in battle rap, I have the experience that all up-and-coming battle rappers could learn from. Most league owners aren’t and were never battle rappers, so they can’t relate to the battlers the way I can,” John John shared before getting off to square up details for his April 16th Pendemic card.

He made the announcement on social media: “People always ask how can they get on @bullpenbattleleague here’s how❗️#NextTopBull tour 2023.”

Additionally, if anyone is interested they should email a submission to to get a chance to be on one of the industry’s most solid platforms.

John John Da Don says, “We looking for new talent to push through the @bullpenbattleleague platform”

The bulls in JJDD’s pen are always on go. Names like Loso and Bad Newz are some of the top battlers in the culture.

The talent search plans to visit the following cities: July 30 in Yonkers, NY, and Sept. 17 in Atlanta, GA.

Dates to be determined are as follows: Aug. 5, Aug. 13, Aug. 20, Aug. 27, Sept. 3, and Sept. 10.

Winners will walk away with $1,000 and a spot on the league.

Pendemic is one of the league’s annual biggest cards.

This marque event will have the following battles: Geechi Gotti vs. Bad Newz; Loso vs. Ms. Hustle; Clone vs. Ave; Shotgun Suge vs. Bonus; Shooney Day Rapper vs. Cashflow Rizzy; Xcel vs. D Flamez, Reggie P vs. SuperBlack; Young Herb vs. Seven J; Philly Haze vs. Alias and OG Grizzly vs. Moon.

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