Jojo Capone Explains Why He Helped End The Beef Between The Game & Young Thug (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) The latest Internet rap “beef” has been Los Angeles’ The Game versus Atlanta’s Young Thug. The feud escalated quickly this week after both rappers posted messages about the other on social media. Some observers were afraid the confrontational back-and-forth in the digital space would spread to the streets.

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Chicago representative Jojo Capone claims the situation will not turn violent. He called into Forbz DVD to explain how he played a role in ending the feud between Game and Thugger.

“I guess Game went to [Thug’s] Instagram page and seen a picture of me on the page. He was like, ‘Aw damn. I done went at this dude. Big homie rocking with him, so let me hit him up,'” says Capone. “He told me what happened. I was like, ‘Before this sh*t gets out of hand let me go ahead and put the water on the flame.”

Capone then called Thug and told him he needs to let the feud end. He also relayed to both rappers there is too many important social and political issues, such as the situation in Baltimore, to have them focused on attacking each other. The Global Gangsters CEO expressed concern for Game and Thug’s safety from other sources as well.

“Don’t give the police a reason to kill one of y’all,” Capone told The Game and Young Thug. He later added, “I didn’t ask them. I begged both of them to leave that sh*t alone.”

Both Game and Thug have spoken out in support of the protesters in Baltimore and other participants in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. For Capone, sending threats on Instagram is contradictory to the spirit of those protests.

“You can’t turn around and be hypocritical and say ‘Black Lives Matter’ then y’all two go at each other,” Capone noted.

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