Joyner Lucas Promises To Stop Dragging Karen Civil

Cam’ron, Meek Mill, and Jason Lee also accused Civil of underhanded business tactics.

Last month, Karen Civil found herself in a media firestorm after numerous people in the entertainment industry blasted her for alleged unsavory business practices. For example, Hip Hop artist Joyner Lucas accused Civil of stealing $60,000 from him.

Joyner Lucas recently did an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning radio show. The Massachusetts native spoke about his issues with Karen Civil, and he is apparently ready to move on from the scandal.

“I wanna go on record to say that I spoke to Karen and at the time that I spoke to Karen, she had a lot of public scrutiny from a lot of other people,” Joyner Lucas told Ebro Darden. “I started feeling bad a little bit.”

Lucas added, “So, I stopped. I had a conversation with her and I promised her I wasn’t just gonna keep dragging her name through the mud… At this point, I feel bad. I don’t want to drag shorty’s name through the mud.”

According to Joyner Lucas, his conversation with Karen Civil included the Be You & Live Civil author explaining her side of the situation. Lucas stated, “I realized that I don’t feel like it was malicious. I don’t think anything that she did was malicious. I just felt like she was in over her head.”

Karen Civil Faces Multiple Accusations Of Underhanded Business

Joyner Lucas was not the only high-profile figure to accuse Karen Civil of conducting shady, and possibly illegal, tactics behind the scenes. Rap stars Cam’ron and Meek Mill as well as Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee slammed Civil over the last few years.

Back in 2016, Cam’ron claimed Karen Civil stole $60,000 from fellow Dipset member DukeDaGod. A year later, Meek Mill complained about Civil supposedly sending negative stories about him to celebrity blogs.

Jason Lee called out Karen Civil in July 2021. The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood alum said Civil hired a 17-year-old hacker to take down his Hollywood Unlocked Instagram account

During a Clubhouse session, Karen Civil openly admitted to enlisted someone to cyberattack the Hollywood Unlocked Instagram page. Lee is now considering legal action against the digital media marketing specialist.