Judge Officially Sets Dr. Dre Free From Ex-wife

nicole young and dr. dre

A court just ruled Dr. Dre is officially a single man as he battles his ex-wife in a high stakes divorce.

Dr. Dre is legally a single man.

The music producer-turned-mogul is an eligible bachelor again after a judge agreed to his March 2021 request to recognize his divorce as complete.

Now that he is free to date whomever he wants, like his rumored girlfriend reality star Apryl Jones.

The only thing that he has to worry about is the financial dispute between him and his former wife, Nicole Young.One of the issues (still) at the center of their break-up is whether or not their pre-nuptial agreement is still in play.

Nicole, 51, maintains that her ex tore up the contract and that he owes her a substantial amount of his $820 million estate.

The “Straight Outta Compton” rapper vehemently refutes this.The two have been having an extremely contentious separation. Nicole has suggested that Dr. Dre was not only unfaithful but abusive to her.

She believes that he had children outside of their marriage and that he is paying for these other families.

Moreover, she has alleged that he is hiding money from her, attempting to commit fraud to the court.

She has even filed an emergency domestic violence restraining order against Dre, claiming that one of his songs referred to her as a “b**ch and a perjurer.”

A judge denied her request because of “insufficient evidence.”Nicole filed for divorce in June of 2020.

This story is developing.