Judge Postpones Trial Of NFAC’s Grandmaster Jay

Grand Master Jay NFAC

Grandmaster Jay was slated to go to trial this week, but a judge pushed it back. Read on to find out why and when the NFAC leader will see a jury.

The looming trial of The NFAC’s Grandmaster Jay was delayed this week after months of anticipation.

Scores of NFAC (Not F##kin Around Coalition) members descended upon Louisville in order to support Grandmaster Jay, real name is John Fitzgerald Johnson, who was scheduled to start trial this week. He is accused of pointing a firearm at law enforcement that stood on the roof of the Jefferson County Grand Jury Building during a convening of the group. The leader denies those allegations.

A local judge, District Judge Benjamin Beaton, postponed the trial until May 23. According to the Epoch Times, the members of the NFAC were extremely disappointed, as many of them traveled long distances to come to the trial.

“They’re from out of town, and this is my hometown. They’re using vacation days, personal days, and now their efforts were kind of wasted,” an unidentified man said. “They’re here supporting him, and now they’re stuck here, so I now have to play tour guide, so their time isn’t wasted.”

Grand Master Jay retorted, stating that they were still going to convene at local establishments regardless. He also emphasized that they were just connecting in a friendly manner, contrary to many of the reports about the organization.

“This is not an NFAC action. I’m on trial. This isn’t a protest or a march. Anybody who protests a trial—it’s a little too late. We’re in the grind now. All you can do is mess up a trial,” he said publicly in an address to NFAC members in Louisville. “That’s why you don’t see a bunch of people all over the place. I don’t want that.”

Eleanor Harvey, organizer of the Johnson’s legal defense fund, made a statement, urging people to keep giving to the cause.

To all of you who have been waiting to hear the official report of what occurred in Louisville, Ky yesterday on the mainstream media news, dont hold your breath. Whenever death and destruction does not descend on the Black man they are conspicuously silent. Allow me to help them out.
Yesterday was supposed to be the start of the Federal Trial against our Leader, Teacher, Brother John Grand Master Jay Johnson. The path to get there was a long and unjustly blatant assault on his Rights To Freedom of Speech, Bear Arms, and Unlimited Freedom that all Americans enjoy. Many of us have supported our brother with the costs of fighting two cases at the same time in two separate courts. This was viewed as the end of his long road of persecution disguised as prosecution for bogus charges.

Yesterday the Federal Judge Benjamin Beaton called an emergency conference of both sides and explained that he did not want to start the trial only to have to interrupt it because of a personal situation. He then rescheduled the start date for May 18th 2022.

So once again our brother has had to go to court only to be told to come back. Once again this has cost him legal fees. Anyone can see that they are trying to drain his finances so he cant fight back.
I ask that you all stay in this with him unitl the end. We know he is innocent and they know it too! GMJ stood up for Breonna Taylor and they hate him for that. She still has not gotten justice and they want to make sure he doesnt get any either! Please help us reach this goal once and for all so we can have our brother BACK!

Click here to donate to the legal defense fund of Grandmaster Jay.

Grandmaster Jay has pleaded not guilty to federal charges, being accused of wanton endangerment. These are the same charges levied against the officer that killed Breonna Taylor in her sleep. The treatment of NFAC Members has been in stark contrast to white supremacist and militant right-wing organizations. These groups were party to the insurrection that rushed the Capitol of the United States January 6, 2021.

The leader of the nation’s largest all-Black militia has managed to garner headlines since 2020, after the hunt and murder of Ahmad Arbery. The NFAC has partaken in numerous formations largely in support of and response to victims of violent racists.

Grandmaster Jay faces up to 20 years imprisonment if found guilty by a jury.