Juelz Santana Celebrates One-Year Of Incarceration With New Album

Dipset member Juelz Santana commemorates his 1st anniversary on Twitter and fans send words of encouragement

(AllHipHop News) Juelz Santana took to Twitter to commemorate his 1st anniversary behind bars.

Juelz is serving a 27-month sentence for “accidentally” bringing a loaded firearm to the Newark Airport. In addition to the gun, he also had non-prescribed Oxy pills in his carry-on bag.

Juelz was sentenced in December 2018 and he ultimately surrendered to begin his prison sentence on February 28th, 2018.

After he completes his 27 months, he will be on supervised release for 12 months.

For now, at least Juelz is getting to do some of the things that bring him joy… like record music. Last week, the emcee released a single called “23 & 1” from the clink.

On the song, Juelz breaks down what it is like to be on the inside, but super reflective on what this stint is doing to his family:

“My oldest son hit me like ‘Hold your head’/ Said I’m praying for you Dad, wish I could hold ya hand/ Brought tears to the eyes of a grown man/ Then he said, ‘Don’t cry, this is God’s plan.”

At the end of the song rapper Meek Mill, who knows a little something about being locked up, pops out with his one words of encouragement and real talk that should motivate anyone listening.

“Free my n##ga Juelz, real dripper. I was in a jail call. He was in jail. 23 & 1. I told him, ‘hold ya head, n##ga.’ He be back soon.” Despite being in jail, a *#FreeSantana* mixtape will be coming to you soon.

Some fans hopped in his comments with words of encouragement, hoping to comfort the Dipset member while he serves his time.

@dotkum01 commented, “It’s all mental bro! Get that knowledge while you’re in there and come out better than you were before you went in!

@willtherealiest “You almost home keep yo head up”

@wilfredoc23 “Keep ur head up in there stay positive I hope and prey u out soon…God Bless”

Another person, @ASAP_MARR, asked a question that many thought silently. “How you got WiFi in jail”

Don’t front… you know you were asking also.