Justin Timberlake Responds To Jab From Swizz Beatz During Verzuz

Justin Timberlake

Swizz accused Justin of “taking” from the culture, and JT issued a response.

Swizz Beatz has “no problem” with Justin Timberlake after taking a jab at the pop superstar during his Verzuz face-off with Timbaland over the weekend.

The two super producers went head-to-head at Miami, Florida’s Club LIV to celebrate their hugely successful year-long venture, which was watched online by rappers like DaBaby, Nas, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, and Missy Elliott.

The Verzuz rematch featured Swizz and Timbo spinning collaborations with the likes of Aaliyah, DMX, Missy, and Jay-Z, but it was when Timbaland played one of his hits with Justin Timberlake that Swizz decided to take aim at the singer.

Calling him out during the live event, Swizz said, “You took from the black culture, you give to the black culture. Come to Verzuz and be a part of the black culture.”

The remarks had fans buzzing online, but in a recap of the song battle with his Verzuz co-founder Timbaland, Swizz made it clear he meant no harm.

“I was just having fun,” he explained. “I don’t got no problem with JT. I don’t got a problem with nobody. We’re just having fun. It’s called Verzuz.”

And when Timbaland admitted Swizz “went a little hard” on Timberlake, his fellow producer insisted it was all part of the competitive nature of the genre, laughing, “It’s hip-hop!”

To smooth things over, Swizz then gave the “Cry Me A River” hitmaker a shoutout, inviting him to take part in a future Verzuz event.

“We can’t wait to get you on stage, having fun, because you deserve it, too,” he said.

Justin Timberlake appeared to take the call out in his stride as he had nothing but praise for Swizz and Timbaland for creating the online platform to entertain fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharing old footage of him dancing in the studio with Swizz, cut together with clips of Timberlake working with Timbaland, he wrote, “Congrats to @timbaland and @therealswizzz for one year of Verzuz!”