Juvenile, Mannie Fresh & Mia X Promote COVID-19 Vaccine With “Vax That Thang Up” Remake

The BLK dating app partnered with the Hip Hop artists for the new “vaccine anthem.”

“Cash Money Records taking over for the ’99 and the 2000” That iconic bar is known to be a precursor to partygoers and club attendees of all ages turning up to the next level.

Juvenile’s classic “Back That Thang Up” track is now being used to promote COVID-19 vaccinations. The 400 Degreez album creator teamed with Mannie Fresh and Mia X as well as the BLK dating app to present the “Vax That Thang Up” remake.

“I just wanted to do something positive for my people and to stand in the front to show that I’m willing to sacrifice my life not just for me but also for my family,” says Juvenile. “We don’t know what we’re facing right now but we really do all need to be vaccinated so we can continue to do our thing and survive.”

Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, and Mia X all appeared in the official “Vax That Thang Up” music video. In addition to the visual, BLK unveiled the “Vaxified” badge on its platform which allows users to display their vaccinated status to prospective matches.

“We have a direct line to the audience that needs to internalize this message,” said Jonathan Kirkland, BLK Head of Brand & Marketing. “The song may be playful and fun, but the underlying message is as real as it gets.”  

Kirkland adds, “We want the Vaxified badge to be to dating what the blue checkmark is to Twitter – a status symbol.” According to the company, over 100,000 BLK users have included the Vaxified badge on their profiles.

The “Vax That Thang Up campaign was created in partnership with Majority. That marketing agency was co-founded by 4-time NBA Champion and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal.

“To be young is to feel invincible. BLK is uniquely positioned to meet this historic moment, not through an academic lecture or sober manifesto, but through pop cultural content that speaks directly to the benefits of dating IRL once you’re vaccinated,” says Majority co-founder Omid Farhang.

67% of adult Americans have reportedly received either the first shot of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The Joe Biden Administration missed its set goal of 70% of adults getting at least a first dose of the coronvirus vaccine by July 4.

The White House is preparing to launch a “door-to-door outreach” campaign to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Biden said, “It’s a year of hard-fought progress. We can’t get complacent now. The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family and the people you care about the most is get vaccinated.”