Kai Cenat Faces Backlash For Inviting Teenage Fan To A Strip Club

Kai Cenat

Did the YouTuber cross the line? Or are the negative reactions overblown?

Award-winning streamer Kai Cenat is back in the news. This time, the 21-year-old internet personality is catching heat for a moment with a Taiwanese fan during his show.

Kai Cenat had a 17-year-old named Ray on his livestream. At one point, a phone call with music producer Benny Blanco took place. Blanco invited the teenager to go to the strip club with him and Cenat.

“Ray, can we take you to the strip club?” asked Benny Blanco. Kai Cenat’s guest answered, “Oh, I’m seventeen.” That response drew laughter from Cenat before telling Blanco, “I’ll be in LA tomorrow, so we’re gonna take Ray to the strip club. But we gotta be lowkey.”

After the clip of the conversation made its way to social media platforms, some users called out Cenat for offering to expose an underage teen to a sexually explicit environment. In contrast, other people expressed the backlash directed at Cenat was overblown.

Earlier this month, Kai Cenat made international headlines after a riot broke out in New York City’s Union Square Park. The NYC native called on his followers to show up at the location for a chance to win special giveaway items like PlayStations.

Several thousand fans reportedly showed up at Union Square Park on August 4. Cenat apparently did not get the proper authorization from the city to host the event. The New York Police Department charged him with first-degree rioting, inciting a riot, and unlawful assembly.

“I am beyond disappointed with anyone who became destructive that day,” stated Cenat in response to the melee. “That s### is not cool. I want people to know that. I don’t condone anything that went on that day. None of that was my intention. I had good intentions for this whole thing.”