Kamala Harris Names Tupac As The Best Rapper Alive And The Internet Loses It

Kamala Harris

Kamala is back in the headlines because she just can’t get it right when it comes to Tupac.

(AllHipHop News) Kamala Harris may have played herself again in an interview during the NAACP’s virtual convention Friday, to connect with the Hip-Hop community.

The Howard grad and Alpha chapter made AKA was asked who was her favorite rapper alive was and she answered, “Tupac.” 

Tupac Shakur, though he is a favorite of many, transitioned almost 24 years ago, on September 13th, 1996.

When the reporter, CNN commentator Angela Rye noted Tupac has already passed, Kamala admitted to the mess up: “I keep doing that,” she laughed.

Trying to help, Rye said, “Listen, West Coast girls believe that Tupac lives on. So I am with you.”

The Democratic nominee for Vice President said, “There are so many. There are some that I would not mention right now … because they should stay in their lane.”

But stopped short of telling us and commanded to “keep it moving.” Mala…. You have to tell us who they are … who she thinks should stay in their lane.

Many have pointed to another Hip-Hop slip up when she told the Breakfast Club that she used to smoke weed and listen to Snoop and Tupac in college. That is a typical Howard student’s reply if they graduated in the 90, but she graduated in 1986.

Kamala was also caught hopping off a jet in the wrong kind of Timbs. 

Many Black people contend that she doesn’t have to know Hip-Hop to be Vice President. What they need her to do is be on policy and move the needle toward justice.

We love you, Kamala … but you have to stop saying that Tupac is alive and wearing weird Timberlands.

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