Kanye Says He’s The Living Version Of Robert Kardashian And Kim’s Priest On Earth

Ye and Kim Kardashian

Ye sat down for a very long interview with Piers Morgan, and dropped a number of controversial statements and opinions. Read more!

Ye’s tour of major media platforms continued with a 1:40-minute interview with Piers Morgan, which was released in full over the weekend.

The rap star sat down for an extensive interview with “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” where he reiterated anti-Semitic comments about Jewish people, his disdain for the left and the media, and his relationship with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

During the lengthy interview, Ye talked about his plans to unveil the predatory practices in the entertainment and sports worlds, which he claimed were perpetuated mainly by people of the Jewish faith. He also apologized for hurting the Jewish community with his infamous “death con 3” tweet.

During the tense Q&A, Ye said he wanted to sit down with the top lawyers in the NFL, NBA, and the music and film industries and live stream them reviewing the contracts to prove his point that Jewish people were “raping” everyone.

“What’s gonna happen before I’m done? We’re going to open up all of the music industry contracts, all of the publishing deals, all of the athlete deals, all of the acting deals, all of the mortgages, all of the deals. But it has to start somewhere,” Ye said.

After almost an hour of back and forth with Piers about politics and religion, the conversation turned to his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Ye criticized Kim’s recent cover for Interview Magazine, in which she posed semi-nude with her behind peeking out of a pair of low-rise jeans in front of an American flag.

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“Kim has Zionist media handlers surrounding her all in and out her Hulu TV show, all in and out her family all in and out the house that I created for my family, but God is alive. The devil is a defeated foe,” Ye said.  

“Kim is a Christian woman. And she’s not here just to have content up on adult channels. She’s not here just to have that last Interview magazine cover. If you look at the two Interview magazine covers, look at the one when I was there, and look at the one when I’m not there. And that’s the reason why this Tuskegee experiment of such that’s happened to the Black community where they took the fathers out of the home and the leaders out of the community and have torn apart the community. Now they’ve seen that it’s worked, and they’re doing that to America. 

Kanye accused the media of using Kim and other famous people to oversexualize young children in America on behalf of the Democrats.

Piers pressed Ye about the current status of things between him and Kim. 

Ye said he often grappled with the concept of being divorced before stating they “would always be together” before declaring himself the priest of the Kardashian household.

“I’m still the priest of that home. They want to make it this matriarch society…but I am the priest of that home, and God is alive. I am the living Robert Kardashian. And I’m going to stand up for what God would want as a Christian.

“We’ll always be together. She dresses exactly like me. My kids are me, and there’s no person that she will ever get with that will influence her more than God and then her priest on earth, which is me,” Ye said.

Other highlights in the interview included Ye calling Piers Morgan “boy” during one testy exchange, claiming he gave Quentin Tarantino the idea for the movie “Django Unchained,” making fun of John Legend’s sweaters and walking out of the interview before eventually returning.

Take a look at the full 1:40-minute interview below: