Ye Warns George Floyd’s Family Against Suing After Apologizing To Black People

Kanye West issued a strong warning to the family of George Floyd against suing him , less than 24 hours after apologizing.

Rap star Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, hopped back on to Instagram over the weekend and fired off a series of controversial posts.

First, the rap star posted a picture of Emmett Till and claimed he was being lynched digitally by “business people” as an apparent euphemism for Jewish people.

Ye sent another message to Ari Emanuel, the head of Endeavor Content, who wrote an open letter to the business community to cut ties with Ye, which caused a snowball effect and led to the rapper being dropped by CAA, Adidas, GAP, Balenciaga and other brands.

The fallout led to Ye losing over $2 billion of his net worth in a week.

Ye admitted he was mainly unbothered by the loss of his other businesses, but it seemed the impact on his Donda Academy hit home.

His message to Ari Emanuel – and his brother Rahm Emanuel- former mayor of Chicago – over the weekend, asked for help relocating 60 of the students at the Donda Academy.

“They tried to dismantle our basketball team. Those boys are being penalized without reason. Even professional athletes were threatened by their owners to disassociate,” Ye said.

“This is what modern post social media #Blackmirror warfare looks like…the children are not even off limits

-Economic Lynching

– Digital Lynching

– Bankrupting my Social Credit Score

You tried to bankrupt Adidas and me at the same time. You tried to destroy my life after all the money I’ve made for the ‘business’ people,” Ye wrote.

Also, over the weekend, a video surfaced of Ye apologizing to the Black community, as well as George Floyd’s family, over controversial comments he made during his interview on the “Drink Champs” podcast.

During that sit-down, Ye claimed George Floyd died from a shot of fentanyl instead of being murdered by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who sat with his knee on Floyd’s neck for over 8 minutes.

“That is not God-like, to be showing off,” Ye said of his behavior. “So, if it’s not God-like, then God will take that because it’s all the church’s money right…

“Me being burned to the flesh every single day, it’s actually proving what I had to say….Lex Fridman got you to apologize, Piers Morgan got you to apologize to the Jews. But you never apologized to us about the George Floyd comment that made us feel bad.

“I heard the Black people, so I want to apologize for hurting them. Because right now God has shown me by what Adidas is doing, and by what the media is doing, I know how it feels to have a knee on my neck now,” Ye said.

Less than 24 hours after the video clip surfaced, Ye was on his Instagram account issuing a warning to the family of George Floyd. The rap star seemed offended that they planned to sue him for $250 million for defamation after he donated $2 million to the family in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.

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“You’re either being controlled or you’re being greedy.. But You better get you some business… 4 GOD get mad…This is how you try someone who was there for your family???? You will never get money from no one else. GOD don’t like ugly,…

“To the Floyd family: I apologized to you and the black community for my comments on Drink Champs. Humbly… Now Come get Roxie before she mess up all y’all money. The Bible is the umbilical chord [sic]…Stay Connected,” Ye wrote.

He offered support for Stephen A. Smith, Kyrie Irving and Herschel Walker in separate posts. In another post, Ye shared a text message between himself and business mogul Russell Simmons, who offered Ye the chance to come to Bali to strategize and rebuild his empire.

“I’m staying in America. I gotta get the Jewish business people to make the contracts fair. Or die trying,” Kanye wrote.

Kanye’s comments were flooded with criticism and support. Take a look at some of the replies below: