Kanye West Calls Out “Celebrity Friends” Who Refuse To Speak On His Behalf 

Kanye West says he can’t see his kids when he wants, their mom and the media are bashing him, and none of his friends will speak up for him.

Kanye West is now calling out his friends for not speaking out on his behalf in his ongoing dispute with Kim Kardashian over their failed marriage. 

“This is the post I was bashed for,” Kanye wrote on Instagram late on Monday (Mar. 14) night. He shared an earlier post that received a lot of attention. It was an image of his daughter North’s backpack with three pins — Kim, 41, an alien, and himself. The post, which Ye says he was “bashed” for attracted over a million likes. “Tell me how to be the best dad when the mom is trying to s### on you after not letting you see your kids,” he continued.  

Ye went on to criticize his friends for failing to have his back now that he needs them. “And I love how I have no celebrity “friends” that will speak up on my behalf,” he wrote. “YALL just watching OK cool,” Kanye concluded.  

Kanye West Asks “What The Hell Is Wrong With You Godless People?”

He also took issue with a story US Weekly ran. They reported on Kim denouncing Ye’s claims that he cannot see his children. “Please stop with this narrative,” the quote from Kim read. “You [Kanye West] were just here this morning picking up the kids for school.” 

However, Kanye West accused the outlet of trying to gaslight him, saying Kim has prevented him from seeing his children on numerous occasions. “Us weekly My kids were not allowed to come to Sunday Service,” he began. “This the fifth time she did this Tying to had light me What the hell is wrong with you godless people?” Ye asked. “She say I took my kids to school and y’all forget that she just didn’t let my kids come to church?” he added.  

Earlier on Monday, Kanye accused Hulu of using the separation of his family to push the Kardashian’s reality show. “YALL soooo mad that SKETE showed who he really is Right before the Hulu trailer dropped,” he wrote. “I’m not a bad guy Kim’s not a bad person Kids want parents to stay together but Hulu needed a new narrative.” Read the posts in full below.