Kanye West Challenges Kim To Prove He Wrote Threatening Social Media Posts

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kanye West brings into question whether or not he wrote certain posts on Instagram and Twitter.

Rapper Kanye West is pulling out all the stunts to try and save his marriage to Kim Kardashian-West, including putting into question whether or not he is the author of his very combustive social media posts.

The artist has filed legal documents to ask that his posts on Instagram and Twitter not be admissible in next week’s hearing, one set for a judge to render Kardashian’s relationship status as single again.

The posts in question target Kardashian-West, her family, her boyfriend Pete Davidson, her nannies, the security, and others connected to her and their four children.

He and his team are arguing that using the posts would be acknowledging hearsay … double hearsay, TMZ reports. They are basically saying, “How do you know he really wrote them, Kim?”

“Kim claims she read something online allegedly by Kanye and characterizes the posts in her declaration as misinformation. Kim needed to offer the social media posts into evidence, and show that the posts were written by Kanye,” Yeezy’s legal team asserts.

At the same time, the filing does not state that the “DONDA” rapper didn’t write the posts in question.

In addition to Kanye’s team questioning the social media stuff, he is also questioning the prenup agreements.

Kanye believes that neither of their prenups are valid citing a law that in California agreements signed after 2001 can only be validated in trial or if both sides agree to them. He said he never agreed to it and until the two have a trial for it, it will not be honored … thus further delaying the divorce.